The Friends of the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum
The Friends of the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum
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About the Friends

The Friends exist in order to help and support the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum, which stands in Dumbarton Road, Stirling beneath the historic castle.

We are dedicated to promoting the Smith as a great place to visit, making a contribution to its work and raising additional funds for its ongoing development, whilst enjoying the company of like-minded Friends.

Come and join us and support the Smith with your subscription.  We welcome members who simply want to join the mailing list and keep in touch, as well as those with spare time who may want to volunteer. Explore this website to find out about the activities of the Friends and the benefits of joining.

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The new Director of the Stirling Smith is Caroline Mathers who has been in post since September. She is working closely with the Stirling Smith Trustees to develop a new future for the Art Gallery and Museum. 

The first phase is the redevelopment of Gallery 2, with the aid of a substantial donation from the Friends. The new gallery has just reopened, having been fully refurbished, with an exhibition from the permanent collection entitled

"The Man Who Could Paint Anything"

Details of this wonderful exhibition are here

Please note that the Gallery Cafe is closed just now due to illness. The opportunity is being taken to upgrade the Cafe.