The Friends of the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum
The Friends of the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum

01 September 2017Oswald's Fans
14 March 2017Greer Ralston acquisition
14 April 2016Gilbert & Sullivan Gates
25 February 2016Public Catalogue Foundation and Art UK
12 January 2016New Seating for Ailie's Garden
16 October 2015James Wedlake's Art Lectures
08 September 2015The George Forrest Planting
01 August 2015 Conservation Story 1
26 June 2015King of the Scots in Battle

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Oswald's Fans
Friday 01 September 2017

One of the rewards of being a Gallery Guide at the Stirling Smith is reading the lovely thank you letters sent to the Guide team after a Primary Class has visited the Museum.

The young visitors appreciate "the key the Jacobites actually held", "learning to make coffee with a grinder", "holding the big sword" and of course "the oldest football".

But the most beloved is the Smith's greatest ambassador, Oswald the cat, especially when he tries to eat somebody's lunch! One of his many imaginative portraits can be seen here, by a member of P6 from Blackridge Primary School.

It's good to know that the art of letter writing is alive and well!